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Hotmail users are always concerned about their account and always give 100% effort to keep it secured. But when time goes against them, then they failed to protect own account and got attacked by the hackers.  Sometimes they need to take a formal instruction to get control over own account. That formal instruction is known as Hotmail hacked account recovery. To survive with own individuality in the virtual world, one must have a fully secured email account. Now a day, most of the works are conducted through online and depending on an email account. That’s why, it is necessary to have a secured and valid email account.

Hotmail Hacked Account Recovery

Whatever the situation is, Hotmail support department always raise their helping hands to the users. Sometimes, it is not the fault from users’ end but they need to follow Hotmail hacked account recovery procedure. Now days hackers become very clever and always try to find any opportunity to take entry into the users’ email account and use it for own purposes. Hotmail technicians provide enough ways to deal with those hackers. It is upon the users when they start using those ways to sort out this problem. Hotmail technicians know when and how they can able to solve the problem. That’s why it is necessary for the users to keep contact with them.

Users should be alert when they face Hotmail login problem. They need to start action against those hackers without wasting time. Firstly they need to get control over own account by following Hotmail password recovery processes. They should change the password whenever they realize that the account security is at risk. Users should visit the authorized website of Hotmail and then they should choose the ‘’change password’’ option. After that, they need to follow the given instruction which has displayed on the screen. Sometimes, users need to provide OTP (one time password) which has been delivered to the alternative email address or phone number (which they gave during creating account).

Along with providing Hotmail hacked account recovery procedure, Hotmail technical support team provide some guidance too. This guidance will help the users to avoid same problem in future. Users should not ignore the notification of accessing their account from different browser or different location. Sometimes they got   ‘’someone is trying to access your account’’ type message. But most of the users have tendency to ignore this and failed log in problem later. Users should create a strong password with mix of alphabets and number together. Users should log out from their account before leaving the public computer or others’ phone. Number of using smart phones is increasing daily. Along with that, number of internet users is enhancing too. It is quite easy to access any email account from those smart phones.

 Using public wi fi becomes harmful sometimes-

But most of the users got attacked by the hackers, especially when they use public wi fi without any antivirus protection. During public wi fi they give the user details and hackers can able to trace the location and other necessary information about the users online activities. That’s why it is recommended that, users should start using a strong antivirus. So that, they won’t require to follow Hotmail hacked account recovery procedure anymore.

If the users need to clarify any problem then they can dial the Hotmail helpline number. Hotmail customer care segment is available for 24×7 hours basis. Helpline number doesn’t charge a single penny from the users. They can talk with the technicians for long time without any interruption. All users are different from each other so their requirements will be different as well. That’s why they can avail a customized service package to meet their requirements.