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The word ‘’support’’ means a lot to the human being.  Without support or help no one can stand strongly in this world. That’s why there is no shame in taking support from others. When it comes to taking technical support, then asking for it from others –is quite natural. Very few people have sufficient technical knowledge and what about the rest? Yes, people who come with limited technical knowledge can take expert help. When it comes to solving technical issue related to the Hotmail service then they can take help from Hotmail Support department. Hotmail technicians from this department are very concerned about the users and busy in providing high end solutions for them.

Hotmail Support

People got scared when they have hints or confirmation about the hacking activities around their Hotmail account. When they are going through such situation, then it is advisable that they can follow Hotmail hacked account recovery procedures. Before going for any step, users need to be confirmed about hacking activities in their account. If they got proof of hacking related activities like deleting mails from the account suddenly, no trace of new mails, mails have been sent to unknown person etc- then they just need to change the password and other security related settings. But what if they failed to access own Hotmail account? those users can follow Hotmail password recovery processes. People do various online work which require a valid email account in recent times. That’s why, it is necessary to have an active and secured email account.

Hotmail support team explain all the possibilities of hacking activities in Hotmail account. Sometimes users are not so concerned about the account security. They leave their account without log out in public computer. Some people give reply of some unknown mail and click on some unknown links which lead their identity revealed to the hackers. That’s why Hotmail technical support team always advice them to logout from the account before leaving the public computer. They also warn the users that they should reply or visit any mail or website. Users should create a strong password too.

Change of browser or location matter a lot in the case of Hotmail account accessing-

Apart from hacking activities, there are some other reasons which make the users to face Hotmail login problem. Inactiveness in Hotmail account for long time can make the account inaccessible for the users. Sometimes, due to poor internet connection or server problem or browser problem- make the users to face this problem. Even if, the users change their location then they will face the same problem too. Hotmail support team advice the users to follow 2 step verification processes which secure the account more than normal procedure. To change the password users should visit the authorised website of Hotmail. After that, users need to visit the ‘’change password’’ section. They need to provide a new password. To reconfirm the newly created password, users need to type it again. If requires, then users need to type the captcha word too. If they failed to follow the captcha word then audio version is available for them.

 Captcha is meant to prove the users are human, not robot. Hotmail support team will provide entire necessary help to the users.If the users have some more queries or doubts then they can take help from the Hotmail customer service team. Users can use the Hotmail helpline number to talk to them. It is toll free. Users can talk for long time without any interruption. Hotmail technicians are always available for 24×7 hours basis without any question. Customized service is available for the individual based on their requirements and budgets.